Vintage Illinois 2021
September 18-19! Join us in Utica, Illinois for the state's largest wine festival.


Vintage Illinois in Utica, Ilinois/Illinois Sparkling Co.

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Illinois Sparkling Co.

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Illinois Sparkling Co.

Illinois Sparkling Co. is an independent craft winery obsessed with making exceptional sparkling wine using the traditional method and ancestral method. What is “traditional method?” It’s the most hands-on, labor intensive, old–fashioned, all-natural, way to make sparkling wine. It’s the way they’ve done it in France for centuries, and it happens to be the only way to make the BEST sparkling wine. Period. So that’s the way we do it at Illinois Sparkling Co. We know that all the effort, skill, and craftsmanship that goes into the process results in something truly extraordinary and unique in every bottle. And we think it’s worth it.

Years ago, Mark & Teri Wenzel, owners of August Hill Winery, became fascinated with Champagnes and Sparkling Wines. When Mark, the winemaker for August Hill, realized that Illinois was a region primed to produce world-class sparkling wine grapes, he dove headfirst into sparkling experimentation. The grapes used in our sparkling wines are 100% Illinois grown, and each wine is handcrafted at our winery in Peru, Illinois. Mark oversees this entire intense process – from partnering with the very best growers in Illinois, to meticulously blending and tasting (and tasting, and tasting) our cuvees until he is perfectly satisfied.

2021 Featured Wines

Traditional Method Sparkling Wines

  • Brut (Brut) – Light & crisp, yet bold & full-bodied, our signature Brut stands up to its name. Like liquid gold, it’s a true classic. Traditional, yet exciting. Great for any occasion. Try it if you like:  Belgian Ales, Citrus, or An Excuse to Toast
  • Brut Ombre Rosé (Brut) – Our award-winning Brut Ombré Rosé features hints of raspberry & great acidity. Subtle color variations make each vintage unique. Governor’s Cup Trophy & Double Gold Medal  at the 2021 Illinois State Fair Wine Competition.
  • Blend 795 – Created for the July 2021 christening of the USS HYMAN G. RICKOVER (SSN 795) submarine, Blend 795 features a crisp, classic profile and celebrates where Admiral Rickover grew up, Illinois. Enjoy notes of lemon, marmite, brioche & hazelnut. For each bottle sold, $5 is donated to the USS Hyman G. Rickover commissioning committee, who plans the commissioning ceremony for the sub and supports the submarine crew.
  • Demi Sec Rosé – Romantic & sassy, this bold little rosé brings a depth of color & flavor to delight your senses. Hints of chocolate, cherry, and cinnamon underscore a slightly fruity first layer. Try it if you like:  Strawberry daiquiris, pavlova, stolen kisses

Ancestral Method Sparkling Wines

  • Pét Nat Rosé – Exuberantly fruity and creamy, this is a vibrant pét nat wine. It has a mouth-watering freshness, making you crave another sip almost instantly. Pét nat is short for pétillant-naturel, the oldest method of producing sparkling wines.
  • Piquette – Meet our first Piquette-style wine! We added water to La Crescent grape pomace and fermented it into a delightful fizzy liquid refreshment. At 8% ABV, our Piquette is light and super refreshing with notes of apricot, fresh herbs, vanilla, spice, pine & cedar.

August Hill Winery wines are also served at this booth. Click here for information on these wines.

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