Vintage Illinois 2021
September 18-19! Join us in Utica, Illinois for the state's largest wine festival.


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August Hill Winery

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August Hill Winery

The August Hill Winery motto is “From the heart to the hand, a passion for creation.” We take this seriously at August Hill. We are passionate about creating wines with the upmost care and attention to detail. From harvesting and crushing, to fermentation and barrel-aging, all phases of grape production and the winemaking process are carefully monitored by our winemaker, Mark Wenzel.

August Hill Winery is owned by Mark & Teri Wenzel. Mark watched his grandfather, August Engelhaupt, carefully tend the scenic piece of land that is now the location of the AHW vineyard and winery. Mark shares the passion that Grandpa Augie had for growing premium crops. When he discovered that French-hybrid grapes grow well in our climate, the concept for August Hill Winery was born.

2021 Featured Wines

Whites & Mix the Magic

  • Caramel Apple – Enjoy refreshing flavors and aromas of crisp, juicy apples and delicious, creamy caramel in this light, sweet wine.
  • Niagara – A sweet, fruity, and very aromatic white wine with a strong American grape flavor.
  • Seyval Blanc – A light-bodied, semi-dry white wine accented with floral aromas and citrus, tropical fruit, and a bit of green apple flavors. Fresh & lively spritz on the palate.
  • Indigo – Notes of tropical fruit and cotton candy will delight the senses in this blue shimmering wine. Before serving, be sure to “mix the magic” by gently shaking the bottle.
  • Emerald Apple – With fresh apple flavors and aromas, this shimmering green, semi-sweet wine is made from locally-grown apples and a wee bit of leprechaun magic.


  • Sweet Catawba – A light, sweet, and fruity blush wine. This wine is made from American Grapes and has great fruit flavor. Catawba pairs well with light fish dishes, cheese and crackers, or friends who just want to sip and relax.


  • Augie’s Blackberry – Fruit-forward port style wine made from fresh blackberries. Named after the grandfather of August Hill winemaker, because Augie had a passion for farming and eating fruit such as blackberries.
  • Moscato – This slightly sparkled wine is elegant with a fruity bouquet of peaches and honey and has an excellent balance between its level of sweetness and acidity. It is a wine intended for pure and simple pleasure.


  • Berlyn – A light, semi-dry red wine made from Frontenac and Chambourcin grapes grown in Illinois.
  • Chambourcin Reserve – A medium-bodied red wine with soft tannins and a smooth finish. Ten months in oak contribute to the subtle earthy notes of black raspberry, licorice, clove, lavender, and cedar, which roll across the palate.
  • Ginocchio – This dry red wine is made from a premium blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Norton, and Frontenac grapes. Aged in oak barrels, this medium-bodied wine has notes of raspberry, black pepper, cherry, vanilla, and cedar.
  • Trapolino – A medium-bodied semi-sweet red table wine that is very approachable and fruity. Excellent selection for first-time red wine drinkers.

Bubbling Infusions

  • Almond Infusion – This light sweet bubbling wine is infused with lively almond aromas and natural flavors. This is a great wine to introduce you to bubbles because the sweetness and flavors make it very easy to drink.
  • Mardi Gras – Mardi Gras! Celebration! We have taken one of our most popular wines, Sweet Catawba, and added bubbles. This sweet, bubbly wine is sure to bring out the fun all year long.
  • Cranberry Infusion – This light, semi-sweet bubbling wine is made from 100% cranberries. Just like the cranberry sauce you might serve at Thanksgiving, this wine starts out with a sweet taste and ends with a refreshing tart finish.

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