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Wyldewood Cellars Illinois is known for their Elderberry products and has been in business for 9 years.  Made with locally grown fruit and honey, with over 30 wines to choose from you are sure to find one you like!  Located 10 minutes East of Champaign..

2019 Featured Wines


  • Elderberry Dry- Our Unique Elderberry with zero sugar.  Comparable to a Pinot Noir.
  • BlackBerry Dry- Our Luscious BlackBerry with zero sugar.
  • Chisolm Trail Dry White- Made with Chardonnel Grapes and has notes of Apple and Pear.  Similar to a Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Green Devil- Spicy Jalapeño Wine!


  • White Sambucus- Unique blend of the Elderberry and the Elderflower.  Comparable to a White Zinfandel in sweetness.
  • Prairie Sunshine- A light, crisp and fruity blend of three midwest white grapes.  Similar to a Riesling.


  • Elderberry Mead- Our Unique Elderberry Wine made with Local Amish Honey.  Our #1 Seller and recently won Silver at Indy.
  • Raspberry Mead- Our Raspberry wine made with Local Amish Honey.
  • Lady Dulce- Light and fruity white grape blend.  Comparable to a Moscato.
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Pie- Tastes like the Pie with alcohol
  • Indulge Me!- Our Sweet Elderberry Wine with chocolate!  Tastes like an alcoholic tootsie roll!

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