Vintage Illinois 2022
September 17-18! Join us in Utica, Illinois for the state's largest wine festival.


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Wyldewood Cellars

Wyldewood Cellars

We are known for our Elderberry Products but we also offer a wide variety of fruit and grape wines and Meads! We do make, produce and bottle our wines in the heart of St. Joseph, Illinois.

2022 Featured Wines


1)​Elderberry Dry Reserve- Dry Elderberry Wine compared to a Cabernet.  $18

2)​Elderberry Blackberry Dry- Combination of two berries, finished dry and compared to a fruity Malbec.  $19

3)​Chisholm Trail Dry White- Made from Chardonnel grapes and finished dry.  Similar to a Sauvignon Blanc.  $17

​​​​​Semi Sweet

4)​Elderberry Blackberry Semi Sweet- Two rich berries blended together finished. Finished as a semi sweet.  $19

5)​Prairie Sunshine Semi Sweet White- Light, crisp and fruity blend of white. Grapes.  Similar to a Semi Sweet Riesling.  $18


6)​Elderberry Sweet- True Elderberry Wine finished sweet, just like    Grandma’s.$18

7)​Elderberry Mead- Elderberry wine made with Local Amish Honey $20

8)​Raspberry Mead- Luscious Raspberry Wine made with Local Amish Honey$20

9)​Peach Mead- Peach Wine made with Local Amish Honey $20

10)​Lady Pearl-  White grape blend with strawberry,  Like a Strawberry Moscato.  $18

11)​Strawberry Rhubarb Pie- Tastes like the pie with alcohol $19

12)​Prairie Sunset- Wonderful blend of white grapes and elderberry, similar to a Pink Moscato.  $18

13)​Indulge Me!- Chocolate Elderberry Wine, tastes like an alcoholic tootsie roll. $20