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Willett’s Winery & Cellar in Manito, Illinois was established in downtown Manito in 2005 by Dan & Cris Willett, five years after the planting of a 5-acre vineyard near Spring Lake along the Illinois River. The original winery opened after the renovation of an 1893 building used as a harness shop. Renovations included the revealing of natural wood trusses and flooring, the creation of two cellar-viewing windows & an outdoor courtyard, and the re-purposing of many materials. In 2010, Willett’s Winery & Cellar expanded their operation to include a production building, and the establishment of The Ironstone Room Restaurant, with Chef Kevin Roecker as executive chef.

A visit to Willett’s Winery & Cellar will be a relaxing experience, as you tour the winery, peruse our wine-related gift items, and sample the wines created from grapes grown in Willett’s Vineyard. Willett’s Winery & Cellar offers a wine to please any palate, from dry oak-aged red (Leon Millot) to semi-sweet whites (Vignoles) to port-style (Red Coyote) and more.

2016 Featured Wines


  • Leon Millot ($16.00/bottle) – Leon Millot is a red grape grown locally. Finished dry & aged with American Oak, similar to Cabernets.
  • Seyval Blanc (10.00/bottle) – A crisp & refreshing dry white created from this locally grown grape, similar to a Pinot Grigio.


  • Cranberry Frost ($14.00/bottle) – Our most popular wine… not just for the holidays! A sweet wine made from 100% Cranberry.
  • Sangria (10.00/bottle) – A brand new wine for Willett’s Winery! Be one of the first to experience our sweet, citrus fruit flavored sangria-style wine.


  • Vignoles ($15.00/bottle) – Vignoles is a locally grown white grape with notes of peach and pineapple similar in style to a semi-sweet Reisling.
  • Hometown Blush ($14.00/bottle) – Catawba grapes are featured in this blend. It is a distinctly flavored semi-sweet blush wine.
  • Hometown Red ($14.00/bottle) – A semi-sweet red blend which will remind you of the Concord grape wine made for generations.
  • Hometown White ($14.00/bottle) – A sweet white wine blend of Niagra and La Crosse which will remind you of Welch’s white grape juice.
  • Frontenac ($10.00/bottle) – This is a delicious sweet red made from locally grown Frontenac grapes.

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