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Willett’s Winery & Cellar was established in 2006 and now distributes to retail stores throughout Illinois.  Check our website for a retail location near you or call Keith at 309-840-2399 to find out more.  While we do not offer tastings at the winery, we do occasionally offer tastings at retail locations.  Follow us on Facebook for a tasting near you!

2017 Featured Wines


  • Leon Millot ($15.00/bottle) – Leon Millot is a red grape grown locally. Finished dry & aged with American Oak, similar to Cabernets.
  • Noiret (15.00/bottle) – Noiret is a red grape grown locally. A medium dry wine with a hint of black pepper and spice, similar to Shiraz.
  • Traminette (14.00/bottle) – An off dry white wine with unique floral, ginger and grapefruit notes.  A hint of residual sugar and crisp, acidic finish.


  • Cranberry Frost ($14.00/bottle) – Our most popular wine… not just for the holidays! A sweet wine made from 100% Cranberry.
  • Lips Like Sangria ($14.00/bottle) – A blend of Leon Millot and Seyval with citrus flavorings. Experience our sweet, citrus fruit flavored sangria-style wine.


  • Vignoles ($14.00/bottle) – Vignoles is a locally grown white grape with notes of peach and pineapple similar in style to a semi-sweet Reisling.
  • Hometown Blush ($14.00/bottle) – Catawba grapes are featured in this blend. It is a distinctly flavored semi-sweet blush wine.
  • Hometown Red ($14.00/bottle) – A semi-sweet red blend which will remind you of the Concord grape wine made for generations.

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