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As members of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, we offer a beautiful winery with incredible views of the southern Illinois landscape. Located just minutes from Carbondale, our facility in Alto Pass offers panoramic views of the winery’s orchards and vineyards with a picturesque backdrop of the Shawnee National Forest.

While visiting, enjoy a variety of award winning Illinois wines, craft beer and delicious hard apple cider.

2017 Featured Wines


  • Cave Creek (dry) – Vidal Blanc. Lightly oaked. Citrus taste and floral aroma. Compliments poultry & seafood. glass: $5.00 bottle: $15.00
  • Hillside White (semi-dry) – Vidal Blanc. Bouquet of citrus & floral aromas with a hint of oak. Compliments seafood, cajun, & cheeses. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00
  • Traminette (semi-dry) – Gewurztraminer cross with notes of peach, pineapple & spicy ginger. Crisp & balanced. Great alone or compliments Asian, Latin & Cajun. glass: $5.00 bottle:$14.00
  • Canyon Gold (sweet) – Vidal Blanc. Comparable to a German dessert wine. Sweet & light with a floral nose & delightful citrus fruit flavors. Good with cheeses & light meals. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00
  • Johnny Apple (sweet) – Southern Illinois’ best Jonathans. Crisp & juicy, like biting in to an apple. Great for every palate. glass: $5.00 bottle: $12.00


  • Kroshenfeler (sweet) – Blend of Vidal Blanc and Concord creating a beautiful blush wine. Deliciously sweet with lots of fruit character. Compliments cheeses and light meals. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00


  • American Chambourcin (dry) – Pinot Noir style. Medium-bodied & lightly oaked. Compliments grilled fish, chicken, pasta, steak & game. glass: $5.00 bottle: $15.00
  • Chambourcin (dry) – Flavors of blackberry, licorice & chocolate. Well-balanced tannin & oak. Compliments beef, lamb, game & pasta. glass: $7.00 bottle: $18.00
  • Hillside Red (semi-dry) – Chambourcin & Cabernet Sauvignon blend. Balanced, smooth & easy drinking. Aromatic nose, dark fruit flavors & a hint of oak. Compliments a range of dishes including steak & pasta. glass: $5.00 bottle: $15.00
  • Country Red (sweet) – A Foch, Chancellor, and Chambourcin blend. Balanced & smooth. Black cherry aromas with complex flavors of dark-skinned fruits. Balanced and smooth. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00
  • Ridge Red (sweet) – Bursting with the robust flavor of ripe Concord grapes. glass: $5.00 bottle: $12.00

Honey Mead

  • Honey Blush (sweet) – A Von Jakob classic. Honey blended with Concord creating   rich, sweet deliciously fruity wine. Compliments chocolate. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00

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