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At Von Jakob, we take great pride in our wines. Many of them have received medals in national and international competitions. Now in our fifteenth year of business, we have produced a total of 24 wines ranging from dry complex reds to sweet fruity dessert wines. We pride ourselves on our extensive and well rounded wine selection. As well, we were the first winery in the state of Illinois to produce a White Oak Port, this wine has won multiple medals at various competitions including California. We are also proud to be the first grower and producer of a Cabernet Sauvignon. Our 2000 Cabernet which was released in the spring of 2003, was a limited edition and a big hit. On average, depending on the growing season, we produce roughly 100 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon every year and as a result the only place to purchase this wine is at the winery itself.

2016 Featured Wines


  • Cave Creek (dry) – Vidal Blanc. Lightly oaked. Citrus taste and floral aroma. Compliments poultry & seafood. glass: $5.00 bottle: $15.00
  • Hillside White (semi-dry) – Vidal Blanc. Bouquet of citrus & floral aromas with a hint of oak. Compliments seafood, cajun, & cheeses. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00
  • Traminette (semi-dry) – Gewurztraminer cross with notes of peach, pineapple & spicy ginger. Crisp & balanced. Great alone or compliments Asian, Latin & Cajun. glass: $5.00 bottle:$14.00
  • Canyon Gold (sweet) – Vidal Blanc. Comparable to a German dessert wine. Sweet & light with a floral nose & delightful citrus fruit flavors. Good with cheeses & light meals. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00
  • Johnny Apple (sweet) – Southern Illinois’ best Jonathans. Crisp & juicy, like biting in to an apple. Great for every palate. glass: $5.00 bottle: $12.00


  • Kroshenfeler (sweet) – Blend of Vidal Blanc and Concord creating a beautiful blush wine. Deliciously sweet with lots of fruit character. Compliments cheeses and light meals. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00


  • American Chambourcin (dry) – Pinot Noir style. Medium-bodied & lightly oaked. Compliments grilled fish, chicken, pasta, steak & game. glass: $5.00 bottle: $15.00
  • Chambourcin (dry) – Flavors of blackberry, licorice & chocolate. Well-balanced tannin & oak. Compliments beef, lamb, game & pasta. glass: $7.00 bottle: $18.00
  • Hillside Red (semi-dry) – Chambourcin & Cabernet Sauvignon blend. Balanced, smooth & easy drinking. Aromatic nose, dark fruit flavors & a hint of oak. Compliments a range of dishes including steak & pasta. glass: $5.00 bottle: $15.00
  • Country Red (sweet) – A Foch, Chancellor, and Chambourcin blend. Balanced & smooth. Black cherry aromas with complex flavors of dark-skinned fruits. Balanced and smooth. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00
  • Ridge Red (sweet) – Bursting with the robust flavor of ripe Concord grapes. glass: $5.00 bottle: $12.00

Honey Mead

  • Honey Wine (sweet) – 100% mead, aka honey wine, is considered the ancestor of all fermented drinks. Rich and sweet with a smooth finish. Compliments spicy foods & desserts. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00
  • Honey Blush (sweet) – A Von Jakob classic. Honey blended with Concord creating   rich, sweet deliciously fruity wine. Compliments chocolate. glass: $5.00 bottle: $14.00

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