Vahling Vineyards

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Vahling Vineyards is a family-owned and operated vineyard/winery in Stewardson, IL. The vineyard was started in 1997 with the winery opening in 2002. The vineyard produces 6 varieties of grapes and all wines are produced on site. When you visit the winery, you can sample our large selection of wine in the tasting room and enjoy a glass inside or out.

Spring Fest at Vahling Vineyards is April 29 & 30, 2017. With eight wineries participating, live music, kiddy corner, and carriage rides. Check our website for details. Stay posted on our Facebook.

2017 Featured Wines


  • Chardonnay ($15/bottle; $6/glass) – made from fresh grapes from Chili
  • Deer Head Red ($15/bottle; $6/glass) –  full-bodied red


  • Country Red ($14/bottle; $5/glass) –  Taste of Grandma’s grapes
  • Fireside Red ($14/bottle; $5/glass) –  Similar to Shiraz or Malbec


  • Moonlight ($14/bottle; $5/glass) –  White, similar to Moscato
  • Grandpa’s Recipe ($18/bottle; $7/glass) –  red wine similar to Port

Sweet Fruit & Specialty

  • Rhubarb Wine ($18/bottle; $7/glass)
  • Strawberry Wine ($15/bottle; $6/glass)
  • Razzalicious ($15/bottle; $6/glass) – *NEW*
  • Cranky Cranberry ($15/bottle; $6/glass) – *NEW*
  • Lemon Wine ($16/bottle; $6/glass) – *New*
  • Persimmon ($15/bottle; $6/glass) – orange-red fruit
  • Boo Berry  ($12/bottle; $5/glass) – made from blackberries and blueberries


  • Toe Tingler ($15/bottle; $6/glass) – sweet pink bubbly
  • River Fizz ($15/bottle; $6/glass) – sweet white bubbly

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