Vintage Illinois 2022
September 17-18! Join us in Utica, Illinois for the state's largest wine festival.


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The Pour Vineyard

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The Pour Vineyard

After a bottle of wine, it all started. A crazy idea was hatched by Judy and Mike Pour. Judy, a life-long florist, and Mike, a farmer at heart, dreamed of developing a winery on their family’s property in the outskirts of Red Bud, IL.

Years of hard work, dedication, community support and endless prayers have turned their dream into reality. Six acres of rolling vines, a large lake, a century-old barn make a perfect backdrop to The Pour Vineyard today.

2023 Featured Wines


  • Reserve VignolesA clean crisp dry white wine with citrus notes and aromas. This wine is perfect on those hot summer days. a favorite of Sauvignon Blanc fans.
  • Midwest White –A semi-sweet blend with floral aromas and a smooth finish made from Cayuga White. A favorite of Riesling lovers.
  • Farmhouse WhiteA sweet wine made from our Vidal Blanc grapes. Has a sweet finish with floral aromas. A favorite of Moscato lovers.


  • BlackberrySweet Fruit wine, Fresh picked blackberries in a bottle!
  • Peach – Sweet Fruit wine, Like biting into a freshly picked Georgia Peach.
  • Cherry – Sweet Fruit wine, a cherry blend that tastes like Cherry Pie
  • Semi-Dry Hard Cider – A crisp refreshing semi-dry hard cider, made from 100% apples.


  • Norton – Dry Red with layered berry notes and aromas. Similar to a Red Blend.
  • Midwest Red -A semi-sweet red, made from Marquette and Corot Noir grapes, with berry notes and aromas.
  • Farmhouse RedThis is a sweet red wine made from Concord grapes. Grape jelly in a wine bottle!

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