Vintage Illinois 2022
September 17-18! Join us in Utica, Illinois for the state's largest wine festival.


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Spoon River Junction

Spoon River Junction

SRJX specializes in making creative wines for the adventurous! We’ve got something for everyone – reds, rosé, bourbon barrel-aged, even a vermouth.

2022 Featured Wines

  • Junction White – Made with local grapes, this dry white is great served chilled on its own but is crisp enough to work well with a variety of foods. Pineapple and stone fruit shine on the nose. Dry. Compares to: Riesling, late harvest. Foods: White sauces, seafood, sausages
  • Junction Rosé – This one was also made with local fruit, in the tradition of rosé wines from northern Italy.  Intense flavors of strawberry, rose, and passionfruit dominate the nose and palate. It’s very crisp and refreshing, and perfect for picnics! Semi-Dry. Compares to: Rosé All Day! Foods: Fruity salads, seafood, grilled veggies. Other ideas: put it in a frozen glass with a cube of watermelon!
  • Honey Apple – Made with local honey and apples. This unusual co-fermentation improved the overall complexity and richness of the palate. The wine was then aged in bourbon barrels for 3-4 months prior to bottling. Semi-Dry. Compares to: Off-dry Pinot Gris or Chenin Blanc. Food ideas: Fruity salads, white sauces, seafood. Other ideas: great over ice, blend with brandy.
  • Cherry – Cherries are used in all kinds of cocktails and even a popular additive to commercial whiskeys. This is a serious fruit wine, with a great depth due to the bourbon-barrel aging. Dry to Semi-Dry. Compares to: Light fruity reds. Food ideas: Ham and holiday foods, desserts. Other ideas: mix with bourbon and bitters.
  • Spoon River Red – A blend of locally-grown red grapes, ripened to maturity and aged in used bourbon barrels for 6 months to 1 year. The resultant wine has a more old-world profile, like a Burgundy or rustic Italian red. Dry to Semi-dry. Compares to: Old world Pinot. Food ideas: Wild game and fowl. Other ideas: really great on its own.
  • Wildflower – This wine is a blend of two aromatic white grapes: one derived from a German grape and one from a type of Muscat variety.  The end is result is a delicious powerhouse white with intense floral and fruit aromas, sweet honey on the palate, and a long lingering finish. Sweet. Compares to: Riesling/Muscat. Food ideas: Spicy foods. Other ideas: great with bubbles. 
  • Concord – We wanted to do something a little different, blending the familiar character of the Concord grape with the tannic structure and warm vanilla flavor from bourbon barrels to create a more unique, interesting wine. Sweet. Compares to: Red Moscato. Food ideas: desserts. Other ideas: blend with peanut butter whiskey
  • Forgottonia Vermouth – This is a nod to classic vermouth wines from around the world, but is kept bright and fresh. Locally-grown grapes are naturally fermented to a higher alcohol percentage, then the wine is aged in bourbon barrels for 6 months while infused with a proprietary blend of herbs to add zesty character. Sweet and Boozy. Food ideas: best before or after dinner. Other ideas: Fantastic over ice, mix with bourbon for a new take on a Manhattan.