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Wine country in east central Illinois? Sure, why not! At least that’s what Joe and Dawn Taylor said when starting second careers in the Illinois wine industry. Joe, having been self-employed most of his life, wanted to start something new and Dawn, having always worked for someone else was ready to try something new too. The result? Sleepy Creek Vineyards!

Joe and Dawn started the vineyard in 2002 and opened the winery in 2007. Growing 10 acres of grapes is hard but rewarding work, especially when the efforts result in a enjoyable glass of wine. We employ about 10 people and rely on numerous volunteers to help us get everything done. Your Sleepy Creek staff is friendly, helpful and always ready to serve you!

2016 Featured Wines


  • Dreamer – A semi-dry white wine made from Seyval Blanc grapes. Subtle fruit and floral tones. Pairs well with cheeses.
  • Sour Puss – An aromatic, citrusy semi-sweet white wine made from LaCrescent grapes. A tribute to our kitty, Echo.
  • Scapegoat – (Because everybody needs one) A sweet white wine made from Niagara, Cayuga & Seyval grapes.


  • Bashful Ewe – A light, semi-sweet rosé, made from Sleepy Creek’s Frontenac grapes. Great for picnics! Serve chilled.


  • Lunacy – A sweet, port-style red wine made with distilled Chambourcin grape spirits and blended with Norton and late harvest Frontenac. Aged two years in oak barrels, it is smooth, berry and intense.


  • Bull Headed – A lighter bodied dry, oaked red wine made from Chambourcin grapes. Goes great with grilled food!
  • Little Woody – A semi-dry and aged with toasted oak, it’s a blend of Leon Millot, Marechal Foch & Rougeon from our vineyard.
  • Three Amigos – A sweet, grape-y red wine made from Concord & Corot Noir grapes. We call it grape juice with a kick!
  • Hen Pecked – A fruity, semi-sweet red with a hint of tannin & berry flavor, made from Frontenac.  Drink chilled or room temp.
  • Calavera con Gato – A smooth, lightly oaked dry red wine made from 100% Noiret grapes. Features a label from our Artisan Label Series, “Calavera con Gato” by Lisa Kesler.

Other Fruit

  • Winey Mary – Our Tomato-Jalapeno wine! It’s delicious straight up (like a Dirty Martini) or mixed with Springfield-made Blood Shot Bloody Mary Mix (Winey Bloody Mary).

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