Vintage Illinois 2021
September 18-19! Join us in Utica, Illinois for the state's largest wine festival.


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Press House Winery

Press House Winery

Located on the western border of Illinois and situated on the wide bend of the Mississippi River, we are a small, family-owned and operated vineyard and winery. Koechle Vineyards has been in operation since the early 1900’s and has continually produced grapes since its inception.  Our passion for the family farm and its grapes stem from the generations that came before us, and its traditions continue with the fourth and fifth generations. Press House Winery strives to produce exceptional wines that offer an authentic experience, unlike most mainstream brands. We hope you enjoy our wines and invite you to grab a bottle, raise a glass, and celebrate the good times.

2021 Featured Wines


  • Harvest – sweet red wine made from Concord grapes picked at the peak of ripeness.
  • Chivalry – semi-sweet red made from Fredonia grapes, a Concord-type hybrid with large dark blue-black berries.
  • Ember – dry red wine made and aged in oak barrels, allowing the flavors of Concord grapes to co-mingle with the diverse elements of the wood.

Fruit Wines

  • Cranberry Blush – semi-sweet wine that is a pleasing balance of aromatic, flavorful white grape juice and refreshing, slightly tart cranberries.
  • Razz – sweet fruity wine with the lively, invigorating flavor of sun-ripened raspberries blended with Niagara grape juice.


  • Oriole – sweet white wine made from Niagara grapes, reminiscent of picking grapes straight from the vine at grandma’s house.
  • Moonlight – dry white wine made from Niagara grapes. It has a warming palate feel with mild honey hints that accentuate subtle fruit and earthy flavors.

Also offering wine cocktails, cranberry spritzer, and tropical sangria!

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