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Pomona Winery specializes in peace and quiet in a beautiful forested setting in Pomona, Illinois. Enjoy a beautiful drive through the Shawnee National Forest, taste exceptional non-grape wines, and savor the wooded setting from their covered decks or the garden picnic area. Pomona Winery has making wines with local fruit since 1991. Specializing in wines made from locally grown fruits other than grapes, they offer seven table wines and three fortified dessert wines, each of which has received multiple awards and honors in regional, national, and international judging.

2016 Featured Wines


  • Jonathan – a semi-dry, crisp, tart wine made from Jonathan apples. Well-balanced, light-bodied, delicate.
  • Jonathan Oak Aged Reserve – a semi-dry, complex varietal wine made from Jonathan apples and mellowed with medium toasted French white oak that imparts an earthy bass note.
  • Golden – a semi-sweet medium-bodied wine made from Golden Delicious apples. Straw-colored with good acid balance.
  • Golden Oak Aged Reserve – a semi-sweet, varietal wine made from Golden Delicious apples and aged with medium toasted American white oak, which gives a rich, creamy, buttery flavor with a hint of vanilla.
  • Kir – Based on a popular French bar drink, Kir is made from a blend of black currants and apples.
  • Orchard Harvest – a sweet, rich, full-bodied wine made from a blend of apples. The apple character is enhanced by the sweetness of the wine.
  • Orchard Spice – a sweet, spiced apple wine with a full, zesty flavor and aroma. Excellent chilled or warmed.


  • Blackberry Dessert Wine – This aromatic wine is like eating blackberries without the seeds.
  • Once in a Blue Moon Blueberry Dessert Wine – a sweet luscious, richly-colored port-style blueberry wine.
  • Strawberry Dessert Wine – this outrageous dessert wine screams “strawberries!”.

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