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Piasa Winery and Villa Marie Winery are both owned by Judy Weimann. Piasa Winery is located in Grafton, IL, and gets is name from the legendary Piasa Bird, which is depicted in their logo. Villa Marie Winery is located in Maryville, IL, and the winery was named to honor of Judy’s mother, Mary. Both wineries produce premium wines made from the finest Illinois-grown grapes.

2016 Featured Wines


  • Sugar Loaf White — A sweet white wine with the taste of ripened peaches,
    hint of raisins, and pineapple.  $13
  • Sugar Loaf Red — A sweet red wine with fruity bouquet of strawberry, malt,
    and bing cherries. The touch of tartness will awaken your taste buds. $13
  • Fuzzy Fuzion — A sweet white wine made for sipping with hints of peaches,
    pineapple, and mango. $13

VILLA MARIE – Semi-Sweet

  • Archview White — A semi-dry white wine with crisp and intense fruit avors
    of nectarine, pineapple, and apple. $14
  • Gateway White — An up-scale, dry white wine with double mouth appeal
    of buttery crisp pear against soft caramel and toast. $14


  • Gateway Red — A dry red wine with a hint of black cherry and cranberry aged
    to its nest in an American oak barrel. $14
  • Chambourcin — A dry, medium-bodied red French-oaked wine with hints of
    leather and tart cranberries engineered to enhance all the food flavors
    of a meal. $14

PIASA – Sweet

  • Illini White — A crisp, sweet, white wine with the taste of pear, peach, pineapple,
    apricot, and nectarine to create a popular and consistent award-winner
    that is perfect for all. $13
  • Illini Red — A light, sweet, ruby-red wine made from a blend of grapes that
    has an abundance of fresh fruits and lively berry flavors. $14
  • Three Rivers — A sweet, red wine that balances fruit taste with a crisp finish.
    It is rich with the taste of raspberry, blackberry, and tart cherry. $15
  • Riverfest — A Riesling style, sweet white wine that is light, crisp, and fruity
    with the taste of nectarine, green apple, lychee, and pineapple. $16

PIASA – Semi-Sweet

  • Traminette –A semi-sweet white wine with tropical flavors of pineapple and
    lychee fruit with a hint of spice on the finish. $16


  • Chautauqua Chardonel — Aged in American oak barrels, this dry white wine uses
    Chardonels to create a rich buttery quality that comes from French
    “sure lie” style of winemaking. $16
  • Norton — The Norton grape has long been the premier red wine grape of
    the Midwest. With barrel aging, this wine is a symphony of smooth oak,
    black cherry, and currant flavors. $20

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