Mackinaw Valley Vineyard

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Come and experience one of Illinois’s most picturesque destinations or as we like to say, “Wine country in our own backyard”

We look forward to welcoming you to Mackinaw Valley Vineyard & Winery, a year round Midwest destination located conveniently in central Illinois about a 20-30 minute drive from Peoria, Morton, Bloomington-Normal, Pekin and Lincoln. We offer about 20 wines for sampling with a nice selection of dry and sweet; red, white and blush wines. We also host many events to appeal to all ages and tastes.

2019 Featured Wines


  • MACKINAW RESERVE: (dry) This dry blend of Baco Noir and Marchel Foch grapes has earthy tones with a hint of tart plum and black pepper  with a smooth long finish. It pairs well with red meats and pasta dishes.
  • FRONTENAC: (dry) This slightly acidic and spicy wine, is medium bodied with a light oak on the nose and black currant finish. *Winner of a Silver Medal at the 2019 Illinois State Wine Competition.
  • ALEXANDER’S CONQUEST: (off-dry) This wine is a blend of Marchel Foch, Frontenac and Cabernet.  It’s low in tannins and medium acidity.  A spicy on set with a hint of cloves, black currant and a smooth finish.  *Winner of a Bronze medal in the 2019 IL State Wine Competition.


  • PRISCILLA’S PASSION: (dry) This dry wine pleases those that enjoy a lightly oaked Chardonnay. This is a light bodied wine with crisp notes and a buttery smooth French oak finish.
  • VIGNOLES: (off-dry) This semi sweet white wine is a hybrid of Viognier and displays notes of fresh apples and a citrus tart flavor lingering on the finish


  • DIANE’S DESIRE: (off-dry) This sangria style wine is a blend of Niagara and Baco Noir with fruity undertones served chilled with your favorite spicy dish or mixed with fresh fruit.

Flavored Wines

  • RED DRAGON: (semi-sweet) This red wine blend with apple flavoring has a fun complexity with fruity sweet apple and cherry flavors and also a tangy festive cranberry flavored finish.  This sweet wine can be chilled and enjoyed alone, or for a cold weather treat warm it up and add a cinnamon stick, and a few orange slices with a couple of cloves for a great hot winter wassail.
  • WHITE DRAGON: (sweet)This sweet white wine blend has a pineapple flavoring that gives it a sweet tropical taste that brings out a touch of honey on the palate with light fresh pleasing finish.

Dessert Wines

  • THE GREEN DRAGON: (fortified dessert wine) Blended from Corot Noir, Baco Noir and fortified with brandy distilled from our Red wine blend.   Enjoy this rich and tasty after dinner aperitif style wine. This fortified wine comes in a large 750ml bottle and has a longer shelf life once opened because of the higher alcohol content of 18%ABV.  *Winner of a Silver Medal at the 2019 Illinois State Wine Competition.

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