Vintage Illinois 2022
September 17-18! Join us in Utica, Illinois for the state's largest wine festival.


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Lavender Crest Winery

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Lavender Crest Winery

Nestled in a beautiful country setting, just outside the Quad Cities, Lavender Crest Winery offers a wonderful array of award-winning wines, banquet facilities, delightful lunch menu, informative wine tours and tastings…all with “hometown” hospitality.

2023 Featured Wines


  • 1836 – Dry red, Marquette/Pinot Noir Blend
  • MICHE SEPI – Dry red, Cabernet/Norton blend
  • COLONA RED – A dry blend of Merlot and locally-grown Frontenac should be served at room temperature with a juicy steak, prime rib, spicy pasta or pizza.
  • RED VELVET – semi-sweet red, Frontenac/Marquette blend
  • CHOCOLATE LOVE – Sweet Red. Blend of rich dark chocolate blended with Foch wine for a sensational taste that pairs well with many foods, especially raspberries and red cherries.
  • SPICE – Sweet red spiced wine
  • ODDS & ENDS – WINEMAKER’S BLEND – A semi-sweet wine blend based on the winemaker’s choice, this wine will be different every bottling. Always fun to compare and enjoy.
  • FOXY – Sweet red – Enjoy this delicious wine produced from Concord Grapes. The “foxy” wild grape flavor produces a young sweet red table wine that is light, fragrant, fresh and fruity. Especially delicious with light foods or desserts. Serve gently chilled to intensify its fruity flavor. 
  • ENCORE – Port-style dessert wine


  • COSMIC BOG – CRANBERRY – Maintaining the right balance between sweet and tart, this versatile wine made from pure cranberry juice is a perfect accompaniment to blue cheese, duck, turkey, and chocolate desserts.
  • OUT OF THE BLUE – BLUEBERRY & BLACKBERRY – The deep, luxurious bluish/purple color of Out of the Blue tempts your senses and invites you to explore the wine further. Swirl a little in the glass and breathe deeply to enjoy the intense blueberry/blackberry experience that awaits you upon the first sip. Serve at room temperature with appetizers and desserts.
  • JUBILEE – Tart Cherry wine
  • STONE GROWN – Sweet apple wine


  • CATCH OF THE DAY – Dry white Chardonnay/Chardonel blend
  • MAJESTIC – Semi-Dry White, Itasca
  • COLONA WHITE – Semi-Sweet White, LaCrescent
  • FAITHFUL FRIENDS – ST PEPIN & LA CROSSE – A delicate semi-sweet white wine crafted especially for the Quad City Animal Welfare Center. A portion of the proceeds goes to support this worthy endeavor.
  • BEACHES – NIAGARA & LA CRESCENT – Sweet white wine. This crowd-pleaser is best served chilled to sip with friends and family. 

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