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Kickapoo Creek Winery is a family-owned vineyard and winery located on 250 rolling acres in the Illinois River Valley. Owned by Dr. David Conner and operated by his son, Executive Director Rory Conner. Beginning in 2001, Dr. Conner began planting the varietal of grapes that you find on the property today, expanding to just over 14 acres.

We focus on handcrafting wine in small batches from locally sourced grapes and grapes grown right here in our own vineyards. Located just 8 miles west of Peoria, IL.

Close to the city but far from the ordinary!

2018 Featured Wines


  • Misty Creek – Full bodied, dry, white wine.  Described as being buttery fresh with creamy vanilla and a hint of soft green fruits, this smooth full bodies white wine is delightfully refreshing and very versatile with food.
  • Jubilee Gold  – Sweet white wine that gets its name from the golden color of the grapes, picked at the peak of ripeness, which go into this sweet fruity blend.


  • Dave – Strawberry with a hint of peach flavored rose wine.
  • Peche Blanc – Peach flavored white wine.
  • Two Berry – a dark sweet red wine that is medium in body and light with tannins and aromas of blueberry and blackberry fruits.


  • St. Croix – is named after the St Croix river in Wisconsin. With an attractive ruby color and rich cherry vanilla aroma, this smooth finish will have you coming back for another glass.
  • Norton – semi-sweet red wine.  This is an exceptional wine with a nice oak aroma, plum and black pepper flavors and a sweet chocolate finish.


  • Chocolate Raspberry –  light bodied, rich in chocolate, and has a refreshing raspberry finish.  Serve it in a glass, or over ice cream for a luxurious dessert.


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