Vintage Illinois 2021
September 18-19! Join us in Utica, Illinois for the state's largest wine festival.


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Kickapoo Creek Winery

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Kickapoo Creek Winery

Kickapoo Creek Winery is nestled in the Heart of Central Illinois. The picturesque vineyards and winery are owned by Dr. David Conner and operated by his team of passionate professionals.

Beginning in 2001, Dr. Conner began planting the varietal of grapes that you can find on the tranquil property today, expanding to just over 14 acres on 250 acres of rolling hills, meadows and lakes. We focus on handcrafting wine in small batches from locally sourced grapes such as our own and surrounding vineyards.

Being just 8 miles west of Peoria, Illinois, and serving daily lunches, wines and signature cocktails, we are a perfect getaway for any occasion! Visit soon for a tour and a day to remember!

Close to the City but Far from the Ordinary!

2021 Featured Wines

  • Red October won double gold at the 2021 Illinois State Fair. Red October is an unpretentious wine with a hint of berries and currants. The smooth structured finish allows this wine to stand along or be the perfect compliment to a hearty meal. Red October is a blend of Norton, Chancellor, and Foch Grapes.
  • Misty Creek- This full-bodied white wine is made up of equal parts barrel fermented cayuga white and steel fermented Cayuga white giving it a lightly oaked aroma with hints of buttery green apple. The taste is crisp and refreshing and lingers on the palate.
  • Two Berry- This dark sweet red wine is medium body with light tannins and aromas of blackberry and blueberry fruits.
  • Dave- Widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture and sweetness. The strawberry is one of America’s favorite fruits. With its bold strawberry flavor and hint of peach, this wine celebrates to strawberry and is equally loved.
  • Chocolate Strawberry- Smooth chocolate and fresh strawberry aromas rise from a glass of our chocolate strawberry wine This naturally infused wine is full in body with yummy tannins.

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