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Sometime near 1911, J.C. Lounsberry built the structure which stands today as Hill Prairie Winery. Its original purpose was to house all of the draft horses and work animals used to perform the tasks of farming in those days. The upper loft was used to hold all of the hay required to feed the animals during the winter months. It was a hard life and not for the faint of heart, but our family has survived here since those times to the present day, performing the duties of agriculture. Horses remained a part of this farm and were kept in this barn until the 1980s. Homer Lounsberry was the last horseman to ply his trade here and was well known for his knowledge and love of horses. We wonder what he would think if he could see it today. What we are doing here now is another step in the evolution of our family as farmers and stewards of the land. We hope that what we do now will bring honor and pride to those who came before us and leave a legacy to those who will come after we have gone.

As you look around our renovated barn, bear in mind that you are standing in the original building constructed in 1911. All of the timbers are still in their original place and some of the materials used in the renovation have been rearranged, but they too are original from the time of the barn’s construction. Much of the renovation that you see here is through the skill and hard work of Lloyd Lounsberry, who lives with his wife Nancy in the house east of the winery. You will see pictures and reminders of who we are and where we came from, with some local history thrown in for good measure. It is our hope that you will see and learn something of value to take home with you, aside from wine and products you may find here. We offer a little history, a little something new and hopefully leave some room for your imagination to take you to a place you will want to return to and visit again.

2017 Featured Wines


  • Traminette – This wine is off dry and soft with a delicate floral aroma and mildly spicy character. $5/glass; $16/bottle
  • Prairie Dew – Made in the style of the cool climate wines of Germany. Fruity and lightly sweet, a lot like Riesling. $5/glass; $16/bottle
  • Peach Sangria – Our special blend of white wine and classic citrus flavors with a touch of Peach. $5/glass; $16/bottle
  • Vignoles – A semi-sweet white produced from our vignoles grapes. Hints of ripe pineapple and apricot are evident. $5/glass; $16/bottle
  • Prairie Sunshine – Back by popular demand Our sweetest white.                   Muscato drinkers enjoy this wine.  $5/glass; $16/bottle


  • Adam’s Apple – Made from Illinois apples this wine is sweet but the sweetness does not over power the crisp taste of fresh apples. $5/glass; $16/bottle
  • Prairie Barn Blush  – A flavorful blend of Hill Prairie grapes into a better option than white zinfandel. $5/glass; $16/bottle


  • River Bluff Red – A dry red crafted from the Norton grape. Soft and deep with a touch of oak. $6/glass; $18/bottle
  • Prairie Barn Red – Sweet red wine with hints of chocolate & berries. $5/glass; $16/bottle
  • Crimson Moon – Port-style wine with deep rich flavors, smooth and powerful. The alcohol is high, and this wine is made for sipping. A little will go a long way, and is worth the cost. Great with desserts. $6/glass; $16/bottle

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