Vintage Illinois 2021
September 18-19! Join us in Utica, Illinois for the state's largest wine festival.


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Hidden Lake Winery

Hidden Lake Winery

Hidden Lake Winery, located in rural Aviston, IL, is situated in Silent Forest, a wooded parcel of land abounding in local lore. These woods have been well known to those who hunt deer and forage for wild mushrooms. Bootleggers hid their still back in these woods to dodge the revenuers in the early 1900s. Legend has it that Indian spirits can be seen to roam here at night accompanied by the songs of frogs, crickets, owls and distant coyotes. The Silent Forest continues to enchant and entertain our guests at Hidden Lake Winery.

2021 Featured Wines

  • 2018 Chambourcin (0% RS)  $24.95 bottle $8.00 glass
    Blackberry leads the nose to notes of oak and cherry. On the palate firm tannins support a strong black fruit finish.
  • W (0% RS) Syrah  $19.95 bottle $8.00 glass
    Aromas of blackberry and cherry lead the nose towards a thick body of oak, tannin and succulent bramble fruit on the finish.
  • Chardonel (0% RS)  $19.95 bottle $8.00 glass
    Fermented on French oak then aged in stainless steel. This process has given smooth oak overtones with vanilla, fresh fruit and long lasting finish.
  • Black Vino (2% RS)   $22.95 bottle $8.00 glass 80%
    Chardonel and 20% Chambourcin juices that were blended and co fermented. Aroma has rich notes of fresh picked blackberries and a background note of honey. A good acid back bone is supported by a touch of sweet to balance this perfectly.
  • Winey Dog Blues (6% RS)  $12.00 bottle $5.00 glass
    A combination of black berries and blueberries that were crushed and co-fermented. A robust aroma of fresh picked berries pairs beautifully with crisp acids and sweet finish
  • Winey Dog (6% RS)   $12.00 bottle $5.00 glass
    A sweet full bodied wine that has aromas of honeysuckle and citrus. The palate is bursting with flavors of honey and freshly crushed mint.
  • Bucks Gone Wild (7% RS)   $16.95 bottle $7.00 glass
    Robust, grapey aroma and flavor make this sweet wine easy to drink.
  • Old Hippie (7% RS)   $16.95 bottle $7.00 glass
    A blush wine that is very soft and smooth on the palate with undertones of apple and pear with a nose of very soft fragrant hint of Niagara.

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