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Acres of rolling farmland hosting 22 different specialty grapes, 60,000+ gallons of wine per year, 40 wine varieties, three tasting rooms and thirty plus years later and many cherished friendships, the Lawlors are proud to have created a family legacy…that now spans three generations.

Winemaker, Chis Lawlor-White has been honored twice as “Winemaker of the Year”—in 2002 and 2008–by the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association. Chris has been an active member and a champion in the viticulture community, leading seminars and working with the state viticulturist on the Galena Cellars Vineyard to experiment with growing Midwest hybrid grapes and educate others in the art and science of “winegrowing” in Northern Illinois. She has also mentored many winemakers from throughout the state.

2016 Featured Wines


  • Oktoberfest – German style, semi-dry white Riesdling blend.
  • Britt White (Illinois Seyval Blanc) – Bright, crisp and clean; this Illinois grape shows a vibrant acidity, citric aromas and grapefruit flavors.
  • Sangarita – NEW


  • Strawberry Rhubarb – This delightful sipping wine made from handpicked sun-ripened strawberries and fresh, crisp rhubarb is light and fruity.
  • Peach – A delicate, light refreshing wine bursting wih peach flavor. Perfect for a brunch or out on the deck with cheese and fruit.


  • Eric the Red – This Illinois Marechal Foch grape is our flagship wine. Infused with native American Oak with a bright cherry finish.
  • Señor Sangria –  A summer favorite! This heavily fruit flavored wine would do well served over ice with your favorite citrus fruit added.


  • Mead/Honey Wine – Fermented from 100% Mississippi Valley Wildflower honey with honey, floral and citrus notes. This sweet nectar is guaranteed to get you buzzing!

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