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We are located in the Southeastern Illinois countryside amid the low rolling hills of the old orchard country of Richland county. Once the center of the apple and peach growing industry, this area is ideal for the growing of French-American hybrid wine grapes (with one major reservation–late Spring freezes). The soils and the intense summer heat allow the making of wines with very pronounced fruity flavors. This allows us to craft wines in the traditional styles that are a truly unique experience in full flavored, fruity aromas, without the need for heavy oaking.

2018 Featured Wines


  • DEER FARM WHITE – Sweet, white wine blend with citrus aromas and flavors. Great with desserts or after meals. For a surprise try with Italian sauces.  Moscato style.
  • GOLDEN FOX – Semi-sweet blend that is brisk with up-front acids and a pleasing finish.  Good alone or with white meat and fish.  Our answer to a Riesling.
  • MOON GLOW Dry blended white wine with complex floral, spice, and citrus aromas.  Use with more delicately flavored dishes-fish, chicken breast, or rice.


  • DEEP PURPLE – Sweet red Chambourcin with great frontal aromas and a long sweet finish. Enjoy with red meat or game.
  • HEARTHSIDE II – Sweet red blend with a soft, smooth taste that is light and “grapey”. Great after-dinner sipping wine.
  • DEER FARM RED – Dry wine with a very brisk opening and a full black cherry aroma enveloped in a bold smokiness.  Fantastic with steak and baked potatoes. Or with chocolate.

Fruit Wines

  • PEAR WINE – Sweet, ripe fresh pears show their natural goodness. Also excellent with barbeque and grilled meats.
  • BLACKBERRY CHEER – Sweet, fruity wine with a bit of zest. Made from Richland/Jasper County Illinois-grown blackberries.
  • PEACH WINE – Sweet, pure, natural peach wine made from fresh, locally grown peaches.
  • ARONIA BERRY, DRY– Incredibly deep color, delightfully aromatic, rich body and bursting with a complex and distinctive berry taste with good tannins.  Aronia Berry is a “Superfruit” with extremely high antioxidants.
  • ARONIA BERRY, SWEET – Incredibly deep color, delightfully aromatic, rich body and bursting with a complex and EARTHY, bold berry taste.  Long, soft finish.  Aronia Berry is a Superfruit with extremely high antioxidants.

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