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We use only hand-picked berries we grow on site to make our wine. Since our berries are grown right around the winery, minimal fossil fuels are used to transport them. Most large wineries use grapes that are harvested with a combine, but ours are picked by hand which burns infinitely less fuel. Most importantly, using only what we grow gives us greater control over our environmental impact.

Our winery is a structure of Oak built almost completely from trees surrounding our vineyard. They were harvested in a sustainable manner and very little energy was spent preparing them for use. The winery has no windows in order to be more energy efficient. Since we are so green, our company rarely has monthly power bills that exceed $100.

Being one of the greenest buildings you will ever set foot in, our tasting room is built almost completely from materials recycled from eleven different local barns and buildings. It also contains some wood from trees harvested around our vineyard. It contains no purchased lumber. Bought lumber requires greater amounts of fossil fuels to transport and process.

2016 Featured Wines


  • Pool’s Passion – A dry made from the winemaker’s favorite grape, Vignoles.
  • Dragonfly – Our dry Traminette with delicate floral aromas.
  • White Squirrel – Named after a famous local critter, our Vignoles is crafted into a semi-sweet style similar to a Riesling.
  • Sunny Patch – Sweet white full of fruity flavors.
  • Earthquake – Our sweetest white wine similar to a Moscato that is guaranteed to get you all shook up.


  • Cherry Fusion – White grape wine flavored with our own cherries.
  • Strawberry Fusion – White grape wine flavored with our own strawberries.


  • Proprietor’s Reserve – An old treat, this full-bodied dry red has many complexities.
  • Cynthiana – A blend of our 2013 Cynthiana and Chambourcin grapes, this Cabernet style wine has a great capacity to age.
  • 319 – Our semi-dry red named in honor of our winery door.  This Merlot style wine is a blend of our Cynthiana & Chambourcin grapes and contains just a touch of sweetness.
  • Red Top – Predominately made from our Chambourcin grapes, this semi-sweet red wine bursts with berry flavors.
  • Sweet Red – A sweet fruity blend loved by many.

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