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September 18-19! Join us in Utica, Illinois for the state's largest wine festival.


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Berryville Vineyards

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Berryville Vineyards

Somewhere nestled between Mulberry Hill and the town of Berryville, lies a place called Berryville Vineyards.  Here we harmonize with nature to cultivate premium wine grapes. Only hand-selected, sun-ripened fruit from our own vineyard becomes Berryville Wine.

With over 35 years experience of growing grapes, we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

-Eric & Christina Pool

2019 Featured Wines


  • Pool’s Passion – Our winemaker’s favorite grape, Vignoles, is crafted into a dry wine comparable to an unoaked Chardconnay.
  • Dragonfly – A light, dry white wine, similar to a Pinot Grigio, with an exquisite complexity.
  • 50 Shades of Grape – Intense, intoxicating, seductive.  Made from our Vidal grapes, this semi-sweet wine pairs well with relaxation and sunshine.
  • White Squirrel – Named after a famous local critter, our ­Vignoles is crafted into a semi-sweet style similar to a Riesling.


  • Pepper Fusion – A semi-dry red grape wine fused with our own garden grown spicy Serrano peppers. 375 mL
  • Cherry Fusion – A sweet white grape wine flavored with ripe red cherries from our own orchard.
  • Strawberry Fusion – Strawberries from our own patch bring fresh strawberry flavor to this sweet white grape wine.
  • Blackberry Fusion – A sweet white grape wine naturally flavored with ¬blackberries from our own patch.


  • Proprietor’s Reserve – The best grapes don’t come every year.  The 2015 vintage was an excellent year for this dry red style wine similar to a Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Cynthiana – A blend of our 2013 Cynthiana and ¬Chambourcin grapes, this dry Cabernet style wine has a great capacity to age.
  • 319 – Our semi-dry red named in ¬honor of our ¬winery door. This Merlot style wine is a blend of our Cynthiana & Chambourcin grapes and contains just a touch of sweetness.
  • Cardinal – Predominately made from our ­Chambourcin grapes, this semi-sweet red wine bursts with berry flavors.
  • Sweet Cyn – A dark, rich, not too sweet red made from our ¬premium ¬Cynthiana grapes with subtle notes of -cinnamon.


  • Crimson – A sweet fruity red blend from several grapes we grow.
  • Earthquake – Our sweetest white wine similar to a Moscato that is guaranteed to get you all shook up.

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