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Baxter’s Vineyards, the oldest winery in the state of Illinois, is a small family winery located in the historic town of Nauvoo, Illinois. The winery was established in 1857 by Emile and Annette Baxter. Today, Baxter’s Vineyards continues within the same family with co-owners, Kelly and Brenda Logan. Kelly is a part of the fifth generation of Baxter’s to grow grapes and apples and make wine in historic Nauvoo.

2017 Featured Wines

Dry Wines

  • Norton: A heavy, dry red wine with a unique earthy flavor. Has similarities to a heavy Cabernet.
  • Riverbend Red: A medium bodied dry red wine soft tannins & smooth finish.
  • Captain’s White: A crisp, light, dry white wine with a hint of vanilla and tanginess like fresh lemons.

Semi-Dry Wines

  • Nauvoo Red: A full bodied semi-dry wine with a nutty finish. Has similarities to a Pinot Noir.
  • Icarian Red: A blended light semi-dry red wine. Fruit forward with earthy flavors.
  • Icarian White: A tart, semi-dry white wine with a fresh fruit flavor and a hint of apricots. Has similarities to a drier Riesling.

Semi-Sweet Wines

  • Classic Catawba: A zesty, semi-sweet white wine with citrus notes.
  • Brenda’s Blush: A balanced, semi-sweet blended blush wine with a smooth fruit finish. Has similarities to a White Zinfandel.

Sweet Wines

  • Classic Niagara: A sweet fruity white wine, one of our customer favorites! Has similarities to a sweet Riesling or Moscato.
  • Classic Concord: A sweet fruity red wine that pops! A true American classic, just like Grandpa used to make.
  • Blackberry Norbie: A sweet red wine with rich blackberry flavors and hints of plum. This wine has a smooth and fruitful experience.
  • Cranberry Norbie: A sweet red wine with rich notes of berry. This medium bodied smooth wine has a tart finish, bursting with cranberry!
  • Peach Norbie: A sweet white wine with notes of honey and apricot. This light bodied wine has a lingering silky peach finish.

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